You are a tech entrepreneur? And need money to grow your startup?

Perfect. This is your website. It has two objectives:

Get the best possible investors

You want to get to a point where you can choose from a number of qualified investors. Not just take the money from anyone who is ready to invest. We will discuss how to get there.

Be fast and efficient

As an entrepreneur you will want to spend as much of your time scaling your startup. Fundraising needs to be efficient. FOMO is the secret trigger of speed. We will discuss in detail what this means.

From entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

This website has been written by entrepreneurs who have done it before: We have received thousands of “no’s”, have raised too little capital, too much, signed terms that hurt incredibly later, and added board members that complicated rather than accelerated progress. 

But above all: We have successfully raised many financing rounds. We know how to make a startup “investable”. We have written thousands of equity stories and business plans. We know how to put your strengths into the spotlight, and how to deal with your weaknesses. 

See who is behind Fundraising Ally

The process is crucial

The most successful entrepreneurs run well-structured fundraising processes. This process has similarities with B2B sales or an M&A process, but with some special characteristics that are crucial to understand. 

Momentum is key: Once you go out to investors you will want to be as fast as possible. Be excellently prepared, and minimize time until closing. 

Here is a step by step guideline of the fundraising phases to follow.

How can we best support you?

There are different ways for you to use our platform:

Fundraising strategy mentoring

While fundraising is not rocket science, getting support from a fellow entrepreneur who has successfully done many financing rounds in your specific industry can make a huge difference. Fundraising Ally has great mentors who support you working out an attractive investment case, accelerate progress and increase chances to get funded. Click here for further information.

Full fundraising mentoring

Fundraising Ally supports selected, highly ambitious startups in the entire fundraising process. We will open our global network of investors that we have built raising funds ourselves. And support you hands-on until the money is on your account. Further information can be found here.

Do it yourself

All contents and templates on this website can be accessed free of charge. No registration needed, no strings attached. Get started here.