Full Fundraising Mentoring

We are supporting some of the best and most ambitious startups to get financed. Prerequisite for this is a finished “Strategy Mentoring” module, which enables both sides to get to know each other.

How does this work?

Participating startups will enter a program that is driven by renowned mentors. Your supporting mentors know your industry inside-out, have deep fundraising experience and a strong investor network. 

Depending on your industry, stage and geography we will send you a proposal with your specific mentor(s), agenda and timeline. This step is done after finalization of the “Strategy Mentoring” module.

The mentor(s) will introduce you to key investors. However, they will generally work in the background. The CEO needs to represent the startup – investors are not interested in the mentors but in the operative team. Having said this, high-level background support will help you discuss on eye level with renowned investors.

What about cost?

The fundraising mentoring program is purely success based: We only get paid if the fundraise is successful. This aligns interest.

Depending on the stage of your company the fee will be 2-5%. New investors dislike such fees. But they will dislike it even more if the investment structure is awkward or if you don’t keep growing as fast as you could with more operative attention.

What are the advantages of this program?

The Full Mentoring program has the following advantages:

  • Access to investors: We will open doors to some of the most relevant investors in your industry. There is no better way for this than an intro from a successful fellow entrepreneur.
  • Speed: Your mentor will support you throughout the financing round. Tough questions will be addressed immediately, documents elaborated based on solid templates and deep expertise. Doors are opened, negotiation facilitated. This results in a massive increase in speed.
  • Prevent mistakes: While investors have negotiated hundreds of deals, most entrepreneurs have not. A mentor who is on the startup’s side is invaluable to get things right. And frequently also saves substantial legal cost (both in this and in future rounds).
  • Position your company for long-term success: Our mentors will always look at the long-term success of your company. By reading our website you will find out more about our investment philosophy: We like to keep things simple, focus on the next round as much as the upcoming one, and make sure that a big valuation increase can be executed.

Let's get to know each other