Mentoring of your Fundraising Strategy

A successful entrepreneur with lots of fundraising experience in your specific industry will support you work out an attractive investment case. Telling the story of your startup in a way that it is highly compelling for investors can make a huge difference. You only have one chance to kick off your round, and you want to get it right.

Similarly, setting the terms empathically so that they are attractive for both existing and new shareholders is crucial. 

The program is designed to get funded as quickly as possible, and attract the best possible investors.

What is the end result?

The end result of this program is a short fundraising strategy document with the following contents:

  • Equity story: Recommendation of an optimal story line (in bullet points) that resonates with investors
  • Structure of the financing round: Recommended size of the round, valuation, and key terms
  • Further insights: Specific recommendations to increase chance of success and accelerate the fundraising process

What about process, timing and cost?

The process to work out this document is as follows:

  1. Free, non-binding 30 minute video call to get to know each other, and for Fundraising Ally to understand the business case and your fundraising objectives
  2. If both sides agree to proceed: Startup to provide current status of the teaser and/or other relevant documents
  3. Fundraising Ally to elaborate a short document as described above
  4. One hour video call to discuss the recommendations

It typically takes around two weeks from you filling out the contact form until presentation of the recommendations.

The total cost of the process (Step 2-4) is USD 2,800.

Let's get to know each other